Japanese Resources

Here are a few Japanese language resources that we love here at Toolzar. If you're serious about learning Japanese, then we recommend you have a look at the following sites.

The Japan Shop

Clay and Yumi have written a whole series of books for beginner and intermediate Japanese learners. Most of the stories are versions of Japanese folk tales so not only are you learning the language, you're getting some cultural insight too. Highly recommended.

Their books also come with audio recordings.

You can find The Japan Shop here.

Japanese From Zero

The team at Yes Japan have a huge collection of videos on their YouTube channel. You can start from zero and work your way up to some pretty advanced material.

Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly

We've kept the best until the end! Cure Dolly has a fantastic and comprehensive YouTube channel. If you really want to understand why Japanese is the way it is, then this is the best resource. Cure Dolly decodes the language in a way that no one else does. Essential viewing!!