Relative Time

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow... Learn how to express relative time in Japanese. The words are shown in kanji and hiragana to help you learn the pronunciation.

Vocabulary List

Day after next明後日あさって
Day before last一昨おととい
Last month先月せんげつ
Last night昨夜ゆうべ
Last time前回ぜんかい
Last week先週せんしゅう
Last year去年きょねん
Next month来月らいげつ
Next time次回じかい
Next week来週らいしゅう
Next year来年らいねん
This month今月こんげつ
This time今回こんかい
This week今週こんしゅう
This year今年ことし
Year after next再来年さらいねん
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